Chairman’s Address

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Mr. Giorgio Bosio
India offers us an exciting opportunity for understanding and doing business in a market with remarkable contrasts… the different culture, different requirements, different operating conditions… each posing a unique challenge.

Motive has been in India from last 10 years and learnt to some extent the unique requirements of Indian customers. Our commitment to Indian market is borne by the significant investments made in the new manufacturing facility.This advanced manufacturing facility in India has enabled us to scale up our capacity and deliver quality and performance and workmanship which has hereto not been experienced by Indian customers. We lavish a lot of care and attention to even the smallest detail in our products and use the craftsmanship inherent in our culture to add a ‘special value’ to all our products. Our new facility in India is also a way for us to demonstrate our distinctive way of thinking about everything that we do.

Joint development efforts with between Motive and Rotomotive’s design teams have resulted in faster product development and made it easier for us to launch innovative products, both in motors and gearboxes. In next few years we intend to add several other types of gearboxes and seek leadership position in specialized motors. The growth in our product range, our skilled personnel, investments in IT will enable us to be the quality leaders in our industry.