Vision & Business Values

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To be amongst the top 5 mechanical power transmission companies in India through uniquely designed products and employing superior manufacturing processes.

Business Values

  • Intense Hardwork : Striving hard to take up challenging tasks, doing things that we have not done before, not giving up after we fail makes us push ourselves to raise the bar of our performance.
  • Doing good for the Customer : We exist to doing good for the customer. To do what the customer expects. To do everything that bonds the customer to us.
  • Continuous learning : Learning new skills, studying to grow our expertise, sharing to understand more deeply. Learning to keep us ahead in the changing world.
  • Attention to detail : Look deep. See what others cannot see. Improve small things-all the time.
  • Openness and sharing : Be a partner and not an opponent. Happy to share facts to show what we do. Appreciate different viewpoints that lead to common objectives.